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The Journey of 8-Bit sound Design




The following posters were designed based on a made up concert to take place in London, the aim of the project was to design a poster based on a concert, event or social gathering, I chose to make the posters based on video game music.

Why you might ask? Firstly sounds in games inspires me, and is just as good, if not better than main stream music, also when most think of there favorite game normally either a sound or a tune pops into their heads before the image of the game, and to me that is a example of excellent design.

While doing research into poster design like logo’s, advertisement, sponsorship, social media etc I came across a famous poster designer by the name of Saul Bass who was famous for his movie poster design.


The poster that inspired me, and my poster designs, was his poster Vertigo; rather than incorporating images of the film he chose to take the word vertigo as a theme, this demonstrates powerful imagery which is key in poster design; you need enough information to get what you want across but at the same time not overload the poster with information or imaginary to make sure that you keep the viewers attention.


Mario Design

Pac Man Design

Final Design

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