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The Journey of 8-Bit sound Design




The following posters were designed based on a made up concert to take place in London, the aim of the project was to design a poster based on a concert, event or social gathering, I chose to make the posters based on video game music.

Why you might ask? Firstly sounds in games inspires me, and is just as good, if not better than main stream music, also when most think of there favorite game normally either a sound or a tune pops into their heads before the image of the game, and to me that is a example of excellent design.

While doing research into poster design like logo’s, advertisement, sponsorship, social media etc I came across a famous poster designer by the name of Saul Bass who was famous for his movie poster design.


The poster that inspired me, and my poster designs, was his poster Vertigo; rather than incorporating images of the film he chose to take the word vertigo as a theme, this demonstrates powerful imagery which is key in poster design; you need enough information to get what you want across but at the same time not overload the poster with information or imaginary to make sure that you keep the viewers attention.


Mario Design

Pac Man Design

Final Design

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Here are a few Sketches Made for Downfall

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Video links to projects and more about Ryan Moore

A short video about what I’m all about

This clip is a sound design project get yourself into a quite room and enjoy!

Down Fall Film based on the story and Comic Written and directed by Ryan Moore

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Light Wave Model Design

These are a few models I made using Light Wave a program used to make models and animation these where made during my time at college the Project was to design two creatures and two vehicles.

Corbra Kirin

Amoured Turtle Front view

segway front view 2


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About Ryan Moore

About Ryan Moore

Hello all 🙂

My name is Ryan Moore I am currently a student at the University of Greenwich, I am studying Games Design and development with plans of entering the Games industry, this will enable me to let my creative ideas flow to bring different feelings and emotions to my audience.

As you maybe able to tell I am deeply committed to the games industry; it has been my dream to work in this field since I was a child, due to all the different experiences that games gave people and continue to do so. However there is more to me then just the tag gamer, I do enjoy actives that do involve me going outside!

I enjoy a few sports such as swimming, golf and going to the gym. Strong in body and mind as they say, I love sounds and not just music, I tend to listen deeply to sounds to understand it better or better yet incorporate it into an idea. I have an eclectic taste in music although I do prefer music created for gametracks – I tend to feel the emotion designed within the music. My favorite composer is Nobuo Uematsu ( that’s me with him in my profile pic) he is world renowned for the creation of the better final fantasy sound tracks.

My biggest passion next to games is design, I love to create ideas such as story’s, products, sound design, game play, environments, character design… the list goes on, in short I love to create things and than bring my ideas to life for others to enjoy.

To learn more about me please feel free to look around, leave a comment or get in contact to know more and I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible. Till then take care. 🙂

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