Here are a few Sketches Made for Downfall as well as the draft story

25 Aug



Time is a relentless phenomenon that continues; regardless of the events that occur be it in the present, past, or future. It favours no one regardless of the actions made by that being no matter how powerful or important that beings role in its creation. Time only chooses to continue its existence it is that can never be broken. The only mercy you can receive from time is what you do with the time you have because at some point time runs out for everyone.

It was in the year 2032 that we began to lose our humanity as our population and technology grew our natural resources depleted, as time continued countries became desperate; poor countries began to invade other countries.


As for most countries, it was a fight for survival, and for their people, each fight was done for a justifiable cause.

With such turmoil it wasn’t surprising that war broke out; at first, it seemed a simple case of the poor versus the rich however as time progressed the lines blurred as the rich began to slump into poverty having squandered their wealth on resources to oppress the poor.


As retaliation, the remaining richer countries (to try and retain their wealth) unleashed what they would call ‘only’ option left; chemical warfare. What better way to keep the planet in one piece? The orders were carried out to launch the weapon but to try and justify themselves for what they were about to unleash upon the world they described the gas as being made to make quick work of the countries leaders in ‘disarray’ that had lost their way.

What was contained in that gas only the guy’s in the lab knew, I was just the guy who checked in the trucks that brought the stuff in.



The idea was to knock out the nervous system much like a neurotoxin; the blood cells would absorb the chemicals made in the gas resulting in a quick and painless death, they told us that much.

It was towards the end of 2032 that the gas was launched with a promise to change things…

The change did happen; that day most of the earth’s population was reduced drastically. From there it was a simple case of them waiting for clean up of the dead and take over the lands that remained, giving those who survived a choice; either follow the new world order or join their brethren.

A question many of us have asked ourselves is who doomed humanity? was it the government? Was it terrorists? Or was it our own greed that did it?

What do I think? I think it was just human nature that was our own downfall, during the first winter after the strike rumours of those killed by the gas were alive and well, people claimed they say their family members wondering in the middle of nowhere being unresponsive to their cries of joy of seeing them.

As these reports continued more violence broke out once again, however, this violence was different from that of the violence during the war.

Reports of large groups people rioting and attacking with no rhyme or reason. Troops were dispatched to put an end to the violence so not to repeat the last war, however. Those sent out to deal with this riots either didn’t come back or joined them.

Their numbers increased greatly and soon they outweighed what was left of the military.

Within a blink of an eye, the large groups reached most major cities walls by. It was clear by this time this wasn’t any riots for vengeance. No this was something much more terrifying this was the end of humanity the day the world changed and our time was up.

At this point, survival was the main factor all what you knew about life was gone and you had a choose become one of them or live it was that simple. During this time I lost track of time heck even what the current season was I took the weather as it was things like that become minor details when every day is a fight for your life.

Hard to believe all this could happen but it has and I’m here living it pondering on the past while I wait in this old run down shack in the middle of nowhere.  I hate waiting like this for someone it’s when the mind wonders and that’s when it is most dangerous you can lose your edge so easily or worse still your mind that’s when you lose your humanity like many folks have. Where is this guy? Staying in one place for too long is dangerous you could either encounter one of the carriers or just as worse as group of out casts those guys will do anything to get there food. (Footsteps could be heard outside)

“…? What was that noise just now?… A carrier maybe…”

Courteously the man looks through the broken window and sees a single man standing in the open by the dead tree the man grabs a bag full of supplies and heads outside.

The man standing by the dead a tree hold his knife steady and stares down the other man from a distance.

“So are you the guy that got the message or are you looking to die today?”

Without hesitation, the man standing by the shack drops the bag behind him and aims his bow towards the armed man and replies.

“Depends are you the guy with the info or are you just here to try your luck?”

Both men stared each other down with a cold stare trying to anticipate each other’s actions the man with the knife replied to the man with the bow.

“I see you came alone not a believer in safety in numbers eh?”

“No I’m a believer in survival first” still staring down the armed threat.

“Hah I like your answer your differently the type of guy were looking for” The man shaved his knife away.

“What’s your name fella?”

“First name basis hmm? It’s Alex no need to tell me your name what I want to know is do you have the info?” still glaring at the while holding his bow steady and at the ready.

The man tosses a map and a compass towards Alex.

“That good enough for you Alex?”

Alex lowers his bow and tosses the supplies towards the man

“Good to see that you still have your humanity, Alex, a little anti-social maybe but considering the times we live in that’s to be expect you did good this will really help thanks.” He smiles at Alex

Alex picks up the compass and the map and looks at the layout a red circle around the docks.

“The docks? Your main base is located there that’s quite a gamble to be placed that isn’t?”

“Ha ha you have to look at the bigger picture Alex if we are to rebuild our society what better way than to start off fresh in the ocean?”

Puzzled by the man’s answer Alex asks  “What do you mean by that?” the man smiles and replies.

“Alex we have a means of survival… we have a fully operational ship we call it hope.”

Shocked by what the man has to say since finding a fully operational Alex sharply responded.

“How the hell did you find a ship let alone a fully working ship?!  What about fuel you can’t create a source of energy out of thin air!”

Still smiling the man responds

“Well it wasn’t like we just found it some we had to take it from a gang of outcasts they were using it as a base.”

His tone lowered “we.. we… lost a lot of people… good people with families we can never over forget their sacrifices… it was thanks to them we were able to fix it up and as for fuel we are the fuel we use the wind and man power that’s why I’m here gathering those who we can rely on gathering anything that can help in exchange we offer you a safe haven.”

“This sounds too good to be true… But how can you trust anyone you don’t know me you don’t know my past what I’ve done why risk the whole ship?”

“Faith…Alex… it’s all we have left in this world I had faith that someone would actually respond to that billboard you also had faith Alex otherwise you wouldn’t be here now.”

Alex stood there in silence for that brief moment he felt his humanity touched by the man words. A safe haven something like this seemed like a gift from above is it real? Alex questioned himself with new found hope Alex’s eyes began to see clearly in that one moment all the bloodshed he witnessed was washed away from his eyes he looked again at the man and began to see him.

“…What’s your name?” Asks Alex

The man smiles and replies “It’s John buddy nice to meet you Alex we better get a move on the ship will arrive by the morning ready to go? ”

With a slight smile Alex replies “Yeah lets go” the two men headed towards the city

Sticking to the shadows and alley ways they made their way through the city avoiding any carries.

Night begins to fall the two men take shelter in the abandoned building.

They barricade them self in with what little the room offered only the light of the moon was there source of light both men sat slumped against the wall and brief a sigh of slight relief.

“We made good time Alex the port is less than a block but I’, sure you of all people realise it would be suicidal to be outside now.”

A long howl could be heard in the distance that chilled any soul.

“Yeah I know all too well… I’ve been on the run long enough to see how they hunt “

“Do you think they still have a soul Alex?”

“…I try and not think about that I don’t like the idea of not being in control of my own actions and having to watch what I do…”

“You make a good point sorry I brought it up but soon you won’t have to run as much and with all the food you gathered it’s going to help out a lot of folks.”

“What about you you’re the one out here I’d say you’re the hero of all of this”

“Ha! Nah man I’m just a runner were short of a few heroes these days. Anyway have a nap I’ve got the watch will leave as soon as there’s day light.”

“Thanks John” Alex rests his eyes the two men take turns in shifts watching each other’s back knowing the slightest mistake could cost them their lives. Dawn break slowly creped over the city upon seeing this they knew that the time was now.

“let’s do this John.” John nodded he made his way to door and began to remove the barricade that was keeping the men safe Alex steadied his bow his eyes fixated on the door he was ready to put an end to whatever appeared. John looked at Alex and nodded gave him the nod to open the door John quickly jumped back and armed himself ready with his knife. Both men stood in silence as the sunlight hit them.

“…Looks like it’s clear Alex” John slowly looked outside it was quite the best outcome they could hope for.

“Ha let’s get out of her Ale….UGH!” John fell to his knee’s a pool of blood flood towards Alex’s feet as he stood there in horror of what he just witnessed he began to run towards John to catch him.  He pulled him aside and leaned him against the wall John clutched his stomach in agony. He had been shoot with an arrow “Shit! Hold on John I’ll kill the bastard that did this to you!”

“Alex wait! Cough… Do you still have the supplies in your backpack?”

“John this isn’t the…”


“Alex nodded “Good look man I don’t know how many of them are out there but you don’t have time to fight them all the ship will be leaving soon you need to get on board with those supplies..”

“No way John I’m not leaving you behind! None of this hero bullshit! You’re going to make it you have to!”

John pulls Alex close to him and holds a knife to his throat

“Alex… you have a chance to save many lives not just one you said it yourself you believe in survival…”

John pushed Alex away and pulled himself up and looked at Alex who stood there in disbelief in his soundings.

“Heh… you know the way right Alex?” John smiled at Alex full of pain he limped towards the door “Sorry to do this to you Alex… I do appreciate it a lot…My friend…”

John throw himself outside and was immediately struck down by a flurry of arrows as he fell his eyes met Alex’s as if to say go now! Alex ran the outside past his fallen comrade looking behind him as he slowly saw him collapse into the ground he gritted his teeth and carried on running towards the docks. John slowly watched his friend become a small figure he could hear footsteps running towards him. He laughed as the blood spewed out from his mouth.

“Did you think I’d make it easy for you guy” he reached into his top and pulled out a whistle and placed it in his mouth and blow. “RAWWWWWWGHHHHHH!!!!!!” the city itself seemed to have come to life upon that whistle being blown as if a beast from hell was summoned. A wave of footsteps could be heard heading towards the area John smiled as everything began to fade into darkness my last gift to the world he thought he shut his eyes peacefully as if he was finally able to rest.

Later Alex stood in front of the ship part of felt like the whole ordeal was a dream the rest of him wished it was a dream. He boarded the ship with armed men aiming and surrounding him he tossed his bag on the floor the supplies clattered everywhere.

“This is John’s last gift….” The armed men lowered their weapons and stood in silence.  Alex walked through the men to the edge of the ship and stared into the rising sun. “John thank you for teaching me how to value life once again….”



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